Tech Tuesday: Moto Z2 Force & Moto Mods



Welcome to my first Tech Tuesday. This is where I will share about various new technology gadgets and gizmos. First up is the Moto Z2 Force & the Moto Mods. A unique smartphone experience. See how it transformed to a big screen projector for entertainment, work and more. Also see the vivid pictures and video that can be created all on the phone. Take a journey with me as I showcase all of how I put this to excellent use.



Now one thing I’d like to mention is the Moto Z2 Force Edition from AT&T is the 1st device (yes you read that correctly) to come ready with the DIRECTV NOW app. It provides AT&T Unlimited Plus and AT&T Unlimited Choice customers instant access to their favorite shows for as little as $10 more a month, after a $25/mo. video credit. So yes I was enjoying all of that right from my smartphone. All the time! No really. Experiencing a recent power outage in my home area lent to using the Moto Mods Insta-Share Projector. My children and I enjoyed some movies to the ambiance of a candlelit living room. Popcorn, drinks and snuggled together we enjoyed an almost movie drive-in experience.


Some facts about the Moto Z2 Force are as follows. There is a guaranteed shatterproof display titled a Moto ShatterShield. That beautifully crafted phone with its tough aluminum is sturdy. I know this firsthand. When your son bumps into you and knocks your phone out of your hand. You PANIC! It is going to break, crack and smash. Wait for it, wait for the sound….. I didn’t hear a thing. Well the screen didn’t crack. Awesome!!  Now I also did have the projector mod attached to the smartphone, which makes the phone a little heavier. A much heavier item will travel faster as it falls increasing impact force. Still the phone screen didn’t crack, chip or scratch.

You can order the Moto Z2 Force Edition smartphone by visiting online or an AT&T store near you. There are so many other Moto Mods that transform the experience in a magnegtic snap. Be it a battery powerhouse or a big screen projector which projects up to 70 inches diagonally on flat surfaces. A boombox. The choice is yours. Let me list a few more key features:

  1. Dual 12 MP camera sensors
  2. All-Day Battery that lasts up to 1 day, with TurboPower charging hours of battery power in minutes
  3. Moto Mods I.E.) Moto Smart Speaker w/ Amazon Alexa, Moto 360 camera, Moto Gamepad, Hasselblad True Zoom & more



Overall the Moto Z2 Force is a smartphone that transitions from work to play for everyday usage. Setup is super fast with little to no hassle. Having the Moto Mod Insta-Share Projector helped with presentations and entertainment. I would also get several more of the Moto Mods. Thank you for reading along my  first Tech Tuesday blog. Stay tuned as more is to come.

  • This post was sponsored by AT&t. All opinions are 100% my own.