9JKL: Lovers Getaway


Yet another fun laugh filled family episode of 9JKL will air on CBS. Come Monday November 27th the ‘Lovers Getaway’ episode will air. It looks to be yet another antic filled advneture for sure. Having visited the set and interviewing the cast I have become attached to this show even more. Well let me tell you about some more of my experience.

When I was on-set the cast gave some various stories about the show and set time. David Walton sometimes plays antics with Mark Feuerstein and other cast members. Mark F. also spoke of how some of his experiences with his own parents make it into the show. It isn’t all from the writers. I get the sense that this cast is the ideal for this show. They way they each react to each other and make the show pop even when watching it at home.

Here is a brief synopsis of Monday’s episode:

“Lovers Getaway” – After Harry gets sick, Josh accompanies Judy on a pre-planned anniversary spa getaway where everyone believes the two are a couple. While there, Josh alternates between “dates” with his mother and Natalie (Brooke D’Orsay), a woman he meets at the spa. 

What I relate to from this episode is how when one family member gets sick, it can spread to others. In my family that happens when one of my children get sick, then the other, then me and or my husband. Luckily one of the adults doesn’t get sick. Sometimes we all do. Then we all are stuck being sick together. Can you relate to that? I am sure many can.

Now I don’t know about you and whether you would go on a planned anniversary with your parent. I know for myself that would be very awkward. Not to mention what if you came to a room with only one bed…. I mean. What! Tune in for 9JKL on Monday, Nov. 27 (9:30-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. You can watch the story unfold. Plenty of laughs for sure.

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9JKL: Make Thanksgiving Great Again


The sun rises and sets differently at this time of year. Seasons change. Our weather becomes cool & cold. Foliage changes to beautiful shades of orange, burgundy and yellow. As I think of this I remember my recent set visit and interview with the cast of the CBS tv show 9JKL. What a great time.

Meeting Mark Feuerstein, David Walton, Elliot Gould, Linda Lavin, Liza Lapira, Matt Murray & Albert Tsai was an honor. I grew up watching the majority of the cast in many other shows, movies and now 9JKL. Plus Albert Tsai is such a great young actor. Overall a wonderful cast. Not at all brown nosing here. When you meet those performers you respect and admire for their craft, it can be surreal.

I remember talking to David Walton, Mark Feuerstein and Liza Lapira about how I have seen their body of work. I was like, Wow! I’m here taking photos and laughing. Uh huh. Yep. I even blushes a few times. I had to contain my inner #fandad from manifesting.

Watching the tv show come to life as the production crew was filming gave me goosebumps as Lina Lavin was delivering a variety of scene takes. Between her and Elliott Gould, I was in awe. Such talent and vivaciousness within their craft.

Now tonight is the Thanksgiving episode. If you want to hear some fun family antics and watch it all happen. Tune in at 9:30pm on CBS for another 9JKL masterpiece. That’s my opinion. Here is a little synopsis of the episode:

“Make Thanksgiving Great Again” – Josh asks Nick to retrieve Nana Roberts from her nursing home for the family’s Thanksgiving gathering, but when Nick arrives with the wrong nana, the family is forced to deal with a stranger who antagonizes everyone. Also, Judy begins to realize her own critical tendencies, and Andrew prepares for a sexy calendar photoshoot.

Lois Smith guest stars as the wrong Nana.

Didn’t you have a Thanksgiving like the 9JKL folks? Maybe or maybe not. Nonetheless you can be reminded of the fun, family memories and food that will be present on this holiday. Tune in at 9:30pm on Monday via CBS. 9JKL is taking over your turkey day laughs.

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Daddy’s Home 2 Holiday Ha Ha Ha

As you may have noticed it is the holiday season. It is here. The year is drawing to a close. Now coming to theaters on Nov. 10th is Daddy’s Home 2. Just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. What a better way to get in the Christmas mood right after being stuffed from dinner and dessert. The movie gave me three different family situations that resonated with me which I will cover.

One of those family situations is family schedules. It is a balance of getting to school, events, homework, get togethers, work and the unexpected things. During the holidays that list gets longer or maybe that is what we all do during this time of year. Maybe? Maybe! Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell both are portraying dads that have all of that under control. Even right down to the snacks for an event. Reminded me of all those times I did or didn’t remember something.

A real parenting moment was the tween dynamic of modesty and clothing. My daughter has matured and developed. She also dresses herself and chooses a lot of her clothing now. I am not ready for the fights about showing mid-drift or a too ‘sexy’ of a look. Gasp! Didi Costine’s character is moody and wears her clothing her way. I definitely will be exposed to that moody mode with my son during the holidays. It is coming with my own daughter and her clothing choices. I am not ready……

Now what truly resonated with me was the message that family is what you make of it. My family came together in a manner that isn’t unique by any means. However, when the various families all end up together at the end it does remind the audience that there is always time to work out kinks or issues. Communication and understanding are also helpful. Even Kurt (Mel Gibson’s) character realizes his own father/son dynamic isn’t lost.

To say I suggest this movie is an understatement. Get together and see this movie to laugh, be reminded of yourself and get holiday inspired. Maybe you may want your own cellphone tower Christmas tree. You gotta go and see Daddy’s Home 2 opening in theaters on Nov. 10th.


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Daddy’s Home 2 Decorate Cookies

Upon arrival for the L.A. Mamacitas event I was pondering the many facets of fatherhood and my journey as a parent. My husband and I are parenting. We mingle our family and relatives. There are many things that are similar for us that are similar to the characters in the movie. Interesting right? Plus today we were going to decorate cookies. Like what!

Sugarcraft provided sprinkles, frosting and other cookie decorating delights to get right into the holiday spirit. No cookie is complete without a little of this or that when it comes to the holidays. My son was focused on making his snowflake cookie just right. It came out very festive. Put me in the holly jolly mood of Christmas.

Being outdoors enjoying other families and friends is a luxury often afforded Southern California. Residents of Los Angeles get a lot of sunshine. That day was one of them. The With Love Cafe, event space host, has a lovely outdoor patio garden. Rustic touches are the brick building walls and then the durable faux grass. I loved the shade panels stretched above. Helps keep you out there longer.

Often times I’m not the holiday spirited type. Mostly in the aspect of decor. Being at the Daddy’s Home 2 cookie decorating event with L.A. Mamacitas gave me the inspiration to be more festive. I want to decorate cookies with my entire family. I want to have a holiday filled win glitter, reindeer, elf on a shelf and more.

I highly suggest you get into the holiday spirit. One way to do that is to go and see Daddy’s Home 2 on Nov. 10th. That way you get to see Dads/Moms co-parent, families come together and holiday shenanigans. Being amongst other parents, talking and decorating cookies with other families made for a lovely Sunday. Thank you to L.A. Mamacitas, Sugarcraft & With Love Cafe.

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Linda Cardellini Talks Daddy’s Home 2


Gleaming blue skies. Sunshine abounds. It is hot even in November. That is what the weather is like here in Los Angeles. I attended a press junket for Daddy’s Home 2 at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. I met and talked with Linda Cardellini, who plays Sara Whitaker. Oh how exciting. Let me tell you what I learned about myself from this interview. I was quite surprised.

Okay so most would think that I am the holiday festive all out kind of guy. I am not. I am the one that purchases ready to assemble holiday arts and crafts. There are very few decorations around my home. Plus my husband is the one that makes sure that a Christmas tree is erected. I think I wouldn’t even have one if it wasn’t for my husband’s efforts. So when Linda Cardellini spoke about taking ‘drinks’ to holiday parties. That is something that I always did. My cooking skills weren’t always great.

Another thing I remember from the interview was how Linda spoke about family. The family you create and the family you work with are two different things. I sat back at and it was as if I was watching all of that interview take place. An out of body moment. She was right. I have my core family at home and then the work family that I was sitting with in that room. Next to me was someone I have befriended. Another that I call all the time to thank for her kind encouraging words. Realizing you have a lot to be thankful for was not what I was expecting from meeting Linda Cardellini.


One final thing I want to touch on is everyone has their own holiday cherished memories. Linda was asked about traditions and holiday memories. So I guess I was feeling very sentimental. Linda spoke and all my memories of time spent with my friends, family and colleagues popped in to my mind. When I had that lemon jello bundt cake recipe shared. The time my favorite boss came to my home for a fun gathering. Linda Cardellini was like a friend that I once had that is no longer with us. That is truly what was going on.

Overall, I am like the families portrayed in Daddy’s Home 2. I am going through changes always. I have had to co-family many times for the holidays. I was not the one to bring food to holiday parties. At the core of it all though I have family at home, at work and even spread across the land. It is about what fits for you and your world. We all adjust, learn and grow together. My #fandad moment was when I was next to Linda Cardellini doing a #boomerang clip. She looked at me, said lets be silly and we did. Laughs ensued. Go and see Daddy’s Home 2 on Nov. 10th.

Here is a preview link: Daddy’s Home 2

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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Zoya

One thing that I am so happy to start is my Holiday Gift Guide series. The first one to be announced is from Zoya Nail Polish. I have recently partnered with their brand to feature their non-toxic polishes and other products. I have used their brand since 2005. It is my go to brand for all occasions.

Now fast forward to my husband and my daughter who use the brand too. So many color choices, finishes and treatments. One of my favorites is their Pixie Dust products. It’s a textured matte-like polish that has dimension. What I noticed about that type of polish is that in the daytime it has one look. At night the look is a seductive dramatic chic headturner. Yes yes yes! Okay I know I am talking nail polish here….I just love it.

If you are looking to improve the appearance of damaged and or discolored nails then the Naked Manicure line is just for that. There is even a Men’s kit too. Bam what! Some long term benefits to using these products is an improved condition, strength and flexibility of the nails. Vitamins, proteins, and botanicals over time produce these benefits. Great for overall nail health and for those that want to showoff their natural nails.


The list could go on and on. Well I have been given somethig special to offer to you all. My very own unique discount code.  Yes you read that right. What do you get? To help you check off one thing from your holiday shopping list, Zoya is letting me gift you all with the following:


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*Must add the color to your cart, apply the code and should be good to go! Let me know if you run into any issues.

Don’t hesitate! Head on over to zoya.com before it’s too late.


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