A B-Day Extravaganza

Photo Credit: Danyelle Smith Little of thecubiclechick.com ‘Thank you for this amazing shot.’

Another road trip adventure came about with the Kia Soul Turbo. My son’s 12th birthday was here. That meant a roadtrip and a birthday party was scheduled. Oh there was a lot to be done, fun to be had and some surprises along the way. Read on and see what my family and I did.

My inlaws were hosting a lunch gathering for my son. We all piled in the car ready to hit the road. Time to take the Kia Soul Turbo, A.K.A. Stanford Soul, on a little jaunt. One fact is that my husband, who is 6 ft. tall, fit very comfortably in the passenger seat. Visually the car may seem small. However there is ample space, elbow room and leg room even for the backseat passengers. Away we went.


Lunch was fun and filled with laugther. On our drive the satellite radio played many 70’s jams that we all enjoyed. This is when I noticed how crisp and resonating the sound system was in the car. A surprising punch. Music filled the interior space. That is attributed to the smart placement of the speakers throughout the interior.


Part of the birthday festivities for my son entailed a party. That cargo space in the trunk I spoke of was utilized for sure. Stanford Soul was filled to capacity. You can see some of that footage here. Many guests attended. It was a plethora of friends, family and fun. Much of my tasks to coordinate and plan this party had help from the Kia Soul I had on loan. Oh I also have two surprise guests that I interviewed. Stay tuned for that.

Overall my son’s birthday was great. Many new memories were made and I now know more about the Kia Soul Turbo and how it’s a perfect car for a family of 4. It accomodates well, offers plenty of comfort and entertainment. Again what fun we all had.

Look at the color gleaming in the sunlight. #KiaSoulTurbo


*This is a sponsored post. All opinions, review and story is my own.

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