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Recently I partnered with SmartyPants Vitamins and was sent some of their products. I met them at Dad 2.0 Summit last year. It was great interacting with their brand. What transpired out of that meeting was a lot of new changes to my life and health journey. Let me share that with you.

First I am not a super active guy as I once was. My activity level was to endure 8-10 hours of dance rehearsals, dance training and musical rehearsals. Not to mention college work and life. Then I remained active in my post-college days with the gym, hiking, recreational sports and being an adult. Life took me to marriage and then to start a family. Well life did change and so did my health.

I did put on some weight when I started my stay at home dad journey. Activity was not the issue. It was the choices I was making outside of the lessened activity. Soon I canceled my gym membership. Inactivity then became part of the domino effect. A focused father is what the modus operandi became. It is funny though because I remained active with my children. Dance class and practice for my daughter. Head soccer coach for my son. I was breaking a sweat folks.

Well my habits were the problem. The food intake and what types of food I was eating. Just too much fatty food. A lot of soda….I was on a binge of sorts. Luckily I came across SmartyPants Vitamins which helped me think about my health. I started taking the Men’s Complete multi-vitamin. Then came the addition of Kids Complete to my children. My new direction began. An ah-ha moment set off in my head. Bam what!

So come to now. I have added the new Adult Probiotic Complete and the Kids Probiotic Complete to the mix. It has been very great to be taking a probiotic that doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Now to let you all know my eating habits have changed. Just last night I cooked roasted boneless skinless chicken breast with sautéed broccoli alongside some whipped parsnips. Super healthy.

SmartyPants Vitamins helped me think about my SmartyHeath and my family’s health. Over the coarse of a year I am now 35 lbs. lighter than I was a year ago. That is attributed to consistent exercising, new healthy food choices/meals and the incorporation of the multi-vitamins. Plus the new probiotic products. All in all significant progress has been made. Visit smartypantsvitamins.com for more information about their products. Their vitamins are gummy powered.

*This is a sponsored post in partner with SmartyPants Vitamins. All ideas, content and opinions are my own.

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