A Soul-ful First


It was a Monday when I received the Kia Soul Turbo that would be on loan to me for various events and projects that I have. What surprised me most about this particular car was the color. Wild Orange. For a compact car this Kia has way more to offer. Let me tell you all about it.

Now one feature about the Kia Soul is how sinuous the Apple Carplay is. Simply plug in your USB cable and then your phone. Once that is completed the car display mirrors some of you phone app display such as Maps, Messages, the Kia app and more. It is easy breezy. Simple, fast and instruction free. That is some awesome technology. It works with Android phones as well.

On this particular day I had a potential job interview in an area of downtown Los Angeles that I wasn’t familiar with. The map on my own phone was my guide with a turn by turn route. With the Carplay technology the display screen lent a visual to the roads with traffic conditions and an ETA. A great convenience for any trip or drive. This was such a simple intergration of my phone in the vehicle.

Wherever I went that day people noticed the color of the Kia Soul. Several occasions I was approached and asked about this car. That is when I discovered the extra storage compartment of the trunk space. A divided 3 section storage space sits below the trunk floor. With the pull of a built in handle one may store items in there to prevent it from shifting back and forth while driving. It was used a lot that day to keep fragile items from breaking and banging together.


Another thing that I want to point out is how smooth the drive is. Being that my day was all over L.A. the roads have many bumps, potholes and more. You know usual city streets. The Kia Soul has great suspension, steering/handling and a clear view of the road. I attribute the view to how much higher the car sits and where the line of sight is for the driver. Something not typical of vehicles of this class size.

Now one thing I’d like to share is I did land that job I interviewed for. Bam what! On the first day I had the Kia Soul Turbo. How exciting! Based off that I nicknamed the car Stanford Soul. If you remember Sex and the City, the character Stanford Blatch was a fashion icon in the show. Coincidentally I interviewed for a fashion job. The outfit inspiration for my day was drawn from Stanford and the metallic wild orange color. I needed to compliment the car. Most if not all my friends and family stated this car suits me well.

It’s funky, fresh, has many surprises like Eco Mode and a Sport Mode on top of the Turbo. There are many cupholders to faciliate up to 5 passengers. Having multiple USB ports aided in my family’s need for charging. All in all, dare I say it, this is truly the car that fits my personality. Stay tuned as I will showcase more about this car. Visit the Kia website to learn more about this car and other versions of it. There is an Electric Vehicle option too.


*This is a sponsored post. The opinions, reviews and story is all my own.



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