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An exciting new exhibition is at The California Science Center welcoming adults and children. Be sure to visit their website Body Worlds:Pulse to gauge if it is appropriate for them. My family and I are invited to a special preview and we are hosting a giveaway for any local resident for passes to the exhibit. Read on about the exhibit and click the giveaway link at the end.

Here is a brief synopsis of the exhibit:

Be Moved!

Come experience the West Coast debut of inventor Dr. Gunther von Hagens’ BODY WORLDS: Pulse — a convergence of aesthetic anatomy, health and wellness.

This special exhibition presents the body in health and distress, its vulnerabilities and potential, and many of the challenges the human body faces as it navigates the 21st Century. Through interactive multimedia, guests will learn about the wonders of the real human body, and marvel at its elegance and complexity.


More than 200 plastinated specimens — including whole bodies, body configurations, translucent slices, and organs – are curated and presented in galleries that feature the various systems of the body.  The locomotive, nervous, respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and reproductive systems are revealed through Dr. von Hagen’s invention of Plastination, in ways previously familiar only to medical practitioners. Featured plastinates include an obese body slice, a smoker’s black lung and hardened arteries that show the impact of ill health. In contrast, dancers, sports figures, and a woman bearing life illustrate how bodies function when lifestyles support good health and well-being.

Discover what makes you move, what makes you tick, and what makes you unique in the largest BODY WORLDS exhibition in a decade.


So if you are interested in an event like this then click my giveaway link below. The giveaway ends on June 17th, 2017 @ 12:00am PST. One lucky winner will receive 4 Tickets to the event. Stay tuned as I give my audience a sneak-peek at this event via my social media platforms. Find me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at @joel1leoj. Ciao for now and bon chance to anyone entering my giveaway for the Body Worlds:Pulse exhibit.

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*This blog is sponsored by Body Worlds:Pulse. As an invited guest to preview this exhibit my site was authorized to host a giveaway for passes to one lucky local resident winner. All opinion expressed is my own.

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