Daddy’s Home 2 Holiday Ha Ha Ha

As you may have noticed it is the holiday season. It is here. The year is drawing to a close. Now coming to theaters on Nov. 10th is Daddy’s Home 2. Just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. What a better way to get in the Christmas mood right after being stuffed from dinner and dessert. The movie gave me three different family situations that resonated with me which I will cover.

One of those family situations is family schedules. It is a balance of getting to school, events, homework, get togethers, work and the unexpected things. During the holidays that list gets longer or maybe that is what we all do during this time of year. Maybe? Maybe! Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell both are portraying dads that have all of that under control. Even right down to the snacks for an event. Reminded me of all those times I did or didn’t remember something.

A real parenting moment was the tween dynamic of modesty and clothing. My daughter has matured and developed. She also dresses herself and chooses a lot of her clothing now. I am not ready for the fights about showing mid-drift or a too ‘sexy’ of a look. Gasp! Didi Costine’s character is moody and wears her clothing her way. I definitely will be exposed to that moody mode with my son during the holidays. It is coming with my own daughter and her clothing choices. I am not ready……

Now what truly resonated with me was the message that family is what you make of it. My family came together in a manner that isn’t unique by any means. However, when the various families all end up together at the end it does remind the audience that there is always time to work out kinks or issues. Communication and understanding are also helpful. Even Kurt (Mel Gibson’s) character realizes his own father/son dynamic isn’t lost.

To say I suggest this movie is an understatement. Get together and see this movie to laugh, be reminded of yourself and get holiday inspired. Maybe you may want your own cellphone tower Christmas tree. You gotta go and see Daddy’s Home 2 opening in theaters on Nov. 10th.


*This is a sponsored post with Paramount Pictures. All opinion and story is my own.


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