Hello World…Just Add Magic

Hello World! Here it is. A new season for this show. How did that happen? Well that entailed receiving an invite to the screening of Just Add Magic Season 2 Episode 2. A top notch executed event hosted by BuzzFeed and Amazon Prime Video. An event with so many details. I will only cover a few.

So my children and I enter the event and receive a stamped canvas bag with the show logo on it. Inside is a Tasty and show logo printed apron. Crafting supplies were on hand to make your apron unique with your own flair. Also skillet cooked brownies were in cute paper brown take-away boxes and a plethora of sweet toppings. I mean you have to decorate a brownie if it is in the shape of a flower or a star. Right!? My daughter did.

Now what had the attention of my son(me too). It was the Tasty brand, they

make great short recipe videos, turkey tacos that were served. If that wasn’t enough then get some baked chicken atop a kale carrot potato diced medley. Uh huh! Tasty, no pun intended. We ate! Well it was a touch of magic. Even in the upstairs photo booth. That was silly fun with some fellow friends I wont ever forget.

If you’re wondering what the show is about well here is a short synopsis of what Season 2 entails. Kelly, Hannah and Darbie’s Last-Ditch Layer Cake broke every spell in town which brought Grandma Quinn back to her normal self, however it also brought back an old enemy… Chuck Hankins, a teenage boy who has been missing for 50 years. As the girls begin to investigate Chuck they learn that he isn’t just an ordinary troublemaker, in fact, he’s capable of much more than they could ever imagine.

My children and I are hooked on the show. On January 13th, when Season 2 Episode 2 becomes available to all. We are going to tune in to Just Add Magic. We are going to snuggle up in our living room. We are going to have popcorn at the ready. We are going to watch this magical, recipe, spell, potion and magical show together as a family. Amazon Prime Video will be our spot for this show. Thank you to them and BuzzFeed for hosting a great event.

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts are my own.


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