How I’m A Beard Boss

*This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Weave Made Media® & Remington but all my opinions are my own. #weavemade #RemBeardBoss

Recently I started to show my beard who is the boss. I was sent The Perfecter: Beard Boss Stubble & Detail Kit by Remington available at Walmart and on It is something that I needed to add to my grooming regime. I’m embracing my facial hair. So read along and learn what makes me a Beard Boss with this new product.

There are many attachments that come with The Perfecter. You will see comb attachments to achieve the desired stubble or beard length you seek. It has 5 snap on combs so I let my beard bossing fun loose these last two weeks. Having more than one attachment makes this a great universal tool. What is surprising is that these tools were included in the box. Wow! No need for me to buy other items or tools to be the beard-boss that I want to be of my facial hair.

Now having the Foil Shaver attachment will help with my sensitive areas such as the neck, jawline and making my facial hair styles more precise and unique to me. So daily use of that helps with maintenance. The Premium T-Blade provides me the ability to achieve close trimming and pinpoint precision. That way when I want to control the edges they will be clean and my stubble will be perfect. It will benefit me to look super sharp and dapper so I see that my facial hair is all in order, that’s one thing less I have to worry about.

A few more key features of The Perfecter: Beard Boss Stubble & Detail Kit by Remington is bullet pointed down below:

  • Powerhouse lithium battery gives 5 hours of cordless runtime, for months of trimming between charges
  • 100% waterproof – easy to clean and use wet or dry with non-slip grip
  • Precision Metal Comb – adjustable metal comb locks in the exact length for a perfectly groomed beard
  • Turbo Mode – power boost for thick beards and fast trimming

Since I’m attending a red carpet event tonight I am ready for it after using The Remington Beard Boss Perfecter Stubble and Detail Kit. It makes a great gift for that special someone in your life. I’ve made my own signature beard look with this product. You can too. It is available at Walmart and on Go out and become a #RemBeardBoss . 

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