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Parenting has various milestones or moments in life that you may or may not be prepared for. Middle school and elementary school I was prepared for. Discussing sex and sexuality was slightly forced upon me to discuss with my own children. Typical responses and or books were my first go-to resources. Then I came to know Amaze.

How was this topic ‘slightly’ forced upon me? It came to my attention that classmates of my children had brought up these topics. (Gulp) That was my first reaction. Then to find out there were more uncomfortable scenarios that my children experienced. Gasp! What was going on?! My goal was to have myself and my husband be the main point of reference for our children. Time to get my resources together. Let’s have the talk,  in this case many talks.

Find a book…look up resources. How to best discuss it with my daughter? What did my son know? Questions and thoughts permeated my mind. Maybe some panic. It wasn’t like I hadn’t planned this conversation out before. It came about suddenly versus my own natural progression into it. There had been a few conversations prior in the general form.

Well I utilized Amaze videos to help guide me with some key talking points. Little did I know that they produce engaging sex education videos for 10-14 year olds. These videos cover the “mechanics” of sex, puberty and more complex topics. Also covered are relationships, gender identity and consent. I utilized these two videos with my own children.

Learning that Amaze is a collaboration between three expert organizations in the field of sex education: Advocates for Youth, Answer, and Youth Tech Health. It helped me feel confident in having open dialog with my children. I was well prepared to engage the necessary and the needed information. Did I want to have this conversation? Yes I did. Part of my own desire as a parent is to be the resource for my children. As Julie Metzger states the ‘conversation‘ is what children need.

Amaze is a great resource for families to help educate, inform and then discuss with their children. Being a dad myself it offered some new learning for myself too. It was great to learn how best to express something to my daughter that would help her understand sexuality. In addition my son felt comfortable to discuss with me puberty experiences he is having.

If you are seeking to start having these conversations with your own children I would refer to the Amaze website. As a dad-squared family, with a son and daughter, having a resource readily available to help with these discussions and other topics is essential. Talking with my children is a must with myself and my husband. Proudly we are now #AmazeParents with new learning and new dialog. Also be sure to follow them on Facebook for more at the ready information, link is below.


*This is a sponsored post with Amaze. All story, opinion and expressed sentiment is my own.

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