J.O.Ë.L. – Just Obviously Enjoying Life

Welcome to my new website brand launch. It is time you get to know me a little bit better. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Joël Lëoj. Take a moment to read a few tidbits that I’m sharing with you all.

People want to know who I am and what I’m all about. My journey as a parent has had a lot of peaks and valleys. Faces weren’t always smiling. Fun was not the main focus. It was a challenge to witness and experience life and how society felt about me being a stay at home parent.

Many focus on another aspect of myself. A battle in my mind raged on. I fight it daily. More than ever I’m proud of myself. Proud of my family and proud of my friend family. Support was here for me when I needed.

If you wanted to know something about me. Truly a mind blowing detail. I love and I love hard. Family is very important to me. My true loving friends. If you’re in you’re in. Won’t ever let go.

Many have passed on in my life recently. Many new faces have come in to my life. I feel blessed. My work ethic and fortitude kept on. I worked myself and I still work myself.

My indomitable spirit and outrageous outlook have always been one thing I pride myself on. When I smile, I smile from ear to ear. When I laugh, I laugh with a bellow and a strength. My heart and body sing when music is on. I know myself.

Join me on my journey and let me share with you what made me who I am and how I proceed. See how I became Just Obviously Enjoying Life.


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