Joël Lëoj is a stay at-home dad in an urban culturally diverse area better known as Los Angeles. He has been a parent since 2008 with his husband Sean. In 2009, he started his at-home dad journey raising their two children. As a lifestyle blogger/vlogger Joël gives you a glimpse into his family, his interests, life and more. Joël also serves as an Event Organizer for the LA Dads Group, which is part of the 25 city national organization of City Dads Group. He has blog contributed for the National At Home Dad Network & SoCalLocale.com ,  SAHDPod Host (Stay At Home Dad Podcast show), Social Media Manager & a Staff Writer for KathyKing.com .

For any events, inquiries or questions please contact Joël Lëoj at joelcleoj@gmail.com