L.A. Zoo’s Wild For The Planet


One of our staff writers, Juan Pablo Delgado was able to attend the L.A. Zoo to celebrate the WILD FOR THE PLANET.  It was also the 50th anniversary of connecting people and wildlife. That’s right, L.A. Zoo’s 50th anniversary! It was titled ZooLAbrate, you can check it out at #ZooLAbrate, www.ZooLAbrate50.org

The heart of this celebration is to promote their conservation achievements. Did you know that the L.A. Zoo is committed to saving species worldwide? They are involved in 30 conservation projects. Your visit helps save species!!

Our first stop was to meet the one month Pronghorn calves. They are so beautiful. It was wonderful to learn that they are the second fastest animals in the world, after the cheetah. But, the fastest in the western hemisphere. They are endemic to Baja California, specifically to the Vizcaino Desert. Unfortunately, they are losing their habitat and as of today, only 200 live in the wild. L.A. Zoo is one of the conservation habitats for this beautiful animals.

My kids were so excited to see the babies and their mommies! We took tons of pictures, my kids drew them and we loved watching them nurse and walk.

After that, we went to see different animals like the gorillas, chimpanzees, zebras, elephants. We even saw a snow leopard getting fed! It is so interesting to see their behaviors. But the very best is to see the smile of my children while learning about different animals and their habitats.

After touring for a little while, we went to the Carrousel ….. for an Expo Party prepared for us bloggers. I did not know that kids could celebrate their birthday at the zoo. Can you imagine having a “wild” party? Believe me when I tell it is such a great idea! In the Expo they showed us the different options of menus. From a sandwich, fruit bar to a western bbq with pulled pork or chicken, corn bread, cole slaw. They also had a pizza bar and an all American bar with hamburgers and hot dogs. There was so much food that we didn’t know what to eat first! We also had perks for the kids.

Everything was delicious. They arranged the tables really nicely and each one had a different plush wild animal on top of the table. You can check on www.lazoo.org/events

After the meal and the big choices we headed to the dessert bar with different type of cookies and sweets. Again, it was difficult to decide which treat to choose. All of them looked yummy!

My kids had face and arms painting and all the girls received a colorful flower crown.

After that, 2 keepers brought 2 animals for us to meet. One was a suger glider and another one was a snake. Look at the pictures, aren’t they awesome?!

So, next time you are preparing a party for your kids think different, think wild, think fun… think L.A. Zoo.

We had a delightful Sunday, full of laughter, joy, education and pretty little faces of all the fascinating animals we got to see. Thank you to our hosts for this unforgettable day! This spring and summer, visit L.A. Zoo and create happy memories with your family. #ZooLAbrate

*This is a sponsored post. L.A. Zoo hosted one of our staff writers to this event. All story, opinion, and sentiment expressed is our own. 


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