Linda Cardellini Talks Daddy’s Home 2


Gleaming blue skies. Sunshine abounds. It is hot even in November. That is what the weather is like here in Los Angeles. I attended a press junket for Daddy’s Home 2 at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. I met and talked with Linda Cardellini, who plays Sara Whitaker. Oh how exciting. Let me tell you what I learned about myself from this interview. I was quite surprised.

Okay so most would think that I am the holiday festive all out kind of guy. I am not. I am the one that purchases ready to assemble holiday arts and crafts. There are very few decorations around my home. Plus my husband is the one that makes sure that a Christmas tree is erected. I think I wouldn’t even have one if it wasn’t for my husband’s efforts. So when Linda Cardellini spoke about taking ‘drinks’ to holiday parties. That is something that I always did. My cooking skills weren’t always great.

Another thing I remember from the interview was how Linda spoke about family. The family you create and the family you work with are two different things. I sat back at and it was as if I was watching all of that interview take place. An out of body moment. She was right. I have my core family at home and then the work family that I was sitting with in that room. Next to me was someone I have befriended. Another that I call all the time to thank for her kind encouraging words. Realizing you have a lot to be thankful for was not what I was expecting from meeting Linda Cardellini.


One final thing I want to touch on is everyone has their own holiday cherished memories. Linda was asked about traditions and holiday memories. So I guess I was feeling very sentimental. Linda spoke and all my memories of time spent with my friends, family and colleagues popped in to my mind. When I had that lemon jello bundt cake recipe shared. The time my favorite boss came to my home for a fun gathering. Linda Cardellini was like a friend that I once had that is no longer with us. That is truly what was going on.

Overall, I am like the families portrayed in Daddy’s Home 2. I am going through changes always. I have had to co-family many times for the holidays. I was not the one to bring food to holiday parties. At the core of it all though I have family at home, at work and even spread across the land. It is about what fits for you and your world. We all adjust, learn and grow together. My #fandad moment was when I was next to Linda Cardellini doing a #boomerang clip. She looked at me, said lets be silly and we did. Laughs ensued. Go and see Daddy’s Home 2 on Nov. 10th.

Here is a preview link: Daddy’s Home 2

*This is a sponsored post with Paramount Pictures. All story and opinion is my own.

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