Milk & Eggs: Not Just Grocery Basics

Have you ever heard of an online grocery ordering service? There are a few of those out there. I’m here to tell you about a new partnership with Milk & Eggs that will be featured on my site in regular rotation. These gifted grocery items made for a wonderful 12th birthday party for my son. 

Now having food allergies myself limits where the household groceries come from. At the age of 22 was when it became a new way of life for me. Having a nut and seed allergy as well as an adverse reaction to food preservatives led to homemade food making and organic options. At least this was a service that had just what I needed. 

A great fact about Milk & Eggs is their farm to table operations. Many of their items are freshly harvested, made with simple ingredients and are super fresh. So it was great to know I would be providing healthy quality food for my invited guests and family. Here is a quick step by step look at how ordering works: 

  • You place order online
  • Farms deliver to Milk & Eggs Sorting & Aggregation Warehouse (SAW) at night
  • Driver (Emissary) heads to the SAW (Sorting & Aggregation Warehouse) in the morning
  • Picks up deliveries
  • Drops off deliveries in the morning (delivery as soon as 24 hours)
  • Happy customer with Better Foods for Better Health! And saved a trip to the store!

It is that simple. If you’re a foodie like me then perusing the food categories is so enjoyable. You see what it is you want, the pricing, the ability to have certain items on a consistent restocking schedule and even ‘sale’ items too. Woah! 

For my son’s bday party my shopping list was as follows: 

  • Brothers Products: avocado hummus, chipotle black bean hummus & pita bread 
  • Califia Farms: lemonade and tangerine juice (my family’s new favorites) 
  • Cucumbers 
  • Watermelons
  • Ciabatta bread 

I paired these items with carrots, fruit and salami. An appetizer splendor. That is what it looked like. All of it was delicous. So much so that I didn’t even get a photo of the ciabatta bread, it was consumed quickly within the first hour of the party. 

If you are seeking a new grocery service then Milk & Eggs is the place I would highly recommend. Most of their delivery area coves Los Angeles and some of Orange County. See the map here. My next grocery list is already completed. Can’t wait to share more of my food recipes and other farm fresh delights. Visit Milk & Eggs at, create an account and enjoy. 

Take a look at their video giving a further detailed look at their service. 

Milk & Eggs Video

*Disclosure: This was a sponsored post by Milk & Eggs. All opinion is my own. 

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