Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

It is time for the fifth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie Dead Men Tell No Tales. Earlier this week I was able to screen the movie from Disney at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood. A lobby decorated with a life size Lego built Jack Sparrow and a set backdrop for photo taking set the mood. Let me share with you how this adventure packed movie showcases familial bond, loyalty and hope. 

At the opening you are shown how at a young age Henry Turner is seeking something that is missing from his life. Come to find out that the boy is unable to do anything about this curse on his father. This will lead to more of the story later which you will have to see it to understand. Also another character in the movie that maintains a quest influenced by her own father is Carina. She utilizes her knowledge to help along the many twists and turns the adventure takes. At the core of it, these two characters are motivated by their love for their fathers.   

Loyalty plays a great role in this movie. From the ruthless and determined Armando Salazar to Jack Sparrow’s crew. Armando remains loyal to his crew that were also trapped in a curse that holds them still. He will not stop until he is able to break the curse and obtain his revenge against Jack Sparrow. The unwaivering diligence takes him to the very end. Is it his end though? Jack has his crew leave him only to return when it is pertinent to his own survival. They take on many situations only to help each other and those along the journey. 

Hope is a constant sentiment felt in the movie. The hope that Carina has to solve the map that no man can read. Henry maintains his hope by asking Carina to come along and help. Upon meeting his hero Jack Sparrow, Henry can find hope within himself to reach his goal. Even Armando has hope that once and for all he will be free of this curse. He utilizes another ship to lead him to Jack. Hope floats throughout the movie. 

As I’ve stated in this post. You will see the familiar Pirates adventures, ships, magical quest and familial bond. The movie is out in theaters today May 26th. It is a movie for family, friends and even worth seeing twice. Action, adventure, laughs and heartfelt reunions are all in this movie. Hope is a powerful thing. 

Here’s a featurette of Johnny Depp talking about the movie: 

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
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