Preparing My Children for Academic Success With

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Preparing My Children for Academic Success With

What I am going to share with you all is that my children both have struggled with their academics.  It has become part of my everyday life and modus operandi.  My son and my daughter have made significant strides while utilizing tools from .  Let me share with you all how I have utilized the site.  It has really helped me to foster a new academic approach with both of my children.

Part of the site that caught my attention was the various tools available to help my children.  I both like and used the 100 Free Skill Building Practice Questions for Pre-K to 8th Graders.  It has some great ways to really build on your child’s thought processing and understanding.  When using it with my son, I didn’t think that I was making him feel like it was practice.  It was definitely a more natural approach to supporting him and my daughter too.  I encourage my readers to get started with & download the 100 Practice Questions.

Another asset I enjoyed was the continual email tips sent to my inbox.  I remember President’s Day being observed which meant no school for my children, so how was I going to help them keep up the academic support and engagement?  Well on that day, an email from arrived and it had President’s Day themed practice questions designed to assess a child’s knowledge of general information.  I used all of them with my son and most with my daughter.  That made learning fun, even on a day when most would take a day off from academics.  It didn’t feel like study time at all.  More of a new family time moment and a new memory made.

I received a very informational email about that had me asking myself if this program was right for me and my children.  I will outline it below.  I am after educational success for my kids. That’s what I want. is NOT for you if:

  • * You want to outsource your child’s educational support to tutors and after-school programs
  • * You’re too busy or believe you don’t have the expertise to help your child build needed skills
  • * You really don’t want to know what’s on the test – you are confident your child can do well on their own IS for you if:

  • * You believe you are your child’s first and most important teacher
  • * You want to understand what your child can do and how he/she learns so you can help
  • * You want to know what’s on the test so you can guide your child on how to master the material

Yes, was right for me.  It has helped me to learn new engaging methods for nurturing and supporting my children’s academic and educational success.  My son has improved his critical thinking,  efforts and confidence.  My daughter is a better speaker and researcher when completing school projects.  Their analysis of their own work and areas of improvement show me that they understand what they are doing. has helped me improve the educational success my children needed.


Overall, this is a great site with many tools, email support and other academic resources.   Here are some links to testimonials & reviews of  The 100 Practice Questions are Free.  Simply sign up to get started on preparing your children for educational success.  It was and still is a great help to my family.

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