Rediscovering My City: Los Angeles

Have you ventured out to discover more of what your own city has to offer? Recently I did just that. Along the way I capatured some great photos from different landmarks, parks and beach cities. Much of this rediscovery was spent in the Kia Soul Turbo utilizing the Eco Mode. That makes a difference in gas mileage. Okay on to the city tour I took.

My first stop was at my favorite place to get coffee and breakfast. Dialog Cafe has been my usual spot since my eldest son started elementary school. It still remains as my go-to place for a chai latte, avocado toast or the vegetable omelette. Plus I get to practice my French with the owner Todd. His father speaks Italian which I also get to practice as well. Supporting local business owners serves my community. Nothing beats the atmosphere here.

To check off a bucket list item of mine I ventured to a typical landmark. The Hollywood sign. Now it can be seen in a plethora of movies, photos and beyond. Having lived in Los Angeles since 1999 I hadn’t ever been this close to it. So off I drove in #StanfordSoul and snapped the photo you see here. The view was spectacular.

From there it was the Silverlake reservoir which I’ve seen many times. Walked dogs along, ran, walked/hiked and even had a flat tires along this route. Funny thing is why hasn’t I ever taken a photo. This time around I filmed it. My son helped me do that. He was shocked to learn what I just mentioned.

There were a few other stops. A movie studios lot. Venice Beach was a serene sight. Griffith Park showcased the wild orange color of the Kia Soul. Oh and did I mention how in a parking garage I was next to another Kia. I mean really cool! Coincidence, yes. I was very excited.

​What this all meant for me was to stop, look up and take notice of what is around you. There is so much beauty to observe. Your own city has so much to be discovered and rediscovered. Thank you to Kia for sending me the right kind of Soul. Go and bask in your surroundings.

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions, reviews and story content is my own.

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