Thank You For Forgetting 

Someone said to me I have great alacrity and effulgence. I knew what that meant too. Thank you to the person I had only met once to talk to me, ask about me and want to hear my take on various topics. 
Over a month ago this was the scenario and how the above exchange occurred. Music wasn’t playing. The sound of silence was clear and audible in the room. It made the sound of cars and horns seem that much more excruciating in sound to the eardrum. 
Not a joyous sound came from the walls, calls or halls. The smell of dust and dirt overcame the olfactory senses. Even the sight of papers on the floor still weren’t picked up. They remained in unorganized chaos. Wind from the window didn’t even stir them. 
In a quiet moment of desperation the sunlight was allowed in. Smells from outside made many memories flood and permeate. Was it chaos? Is there something wrong? How is it so quiet? 
The sky filled with more shades of mauve and midnight. Colors of orange red and yellow mixed together and then faded with the sun. Stars became visible. The cool air flowed quicker than it had during the day. 
More than a month ago it was the day I was born. It was the day after that I actually smiled Why? I learned how important I was. 

As I sat alone celebrating alone I saw my reflection. My father stares back at me. He despises me. The mother I never knew stares back at me. Well I know the drug addict she was and that’s it. 

Knowing that my parents don’t know me. Knowing that many forgot about me. I still sat smiling from ear to ear. Life is far greater for me now that I spend more of my time alone. 

All my mind was focused on was the many things I’m happy to have happened to me since 2013 to now. Welcome to my new beginning. 

Thank you to those that forgot. It helped make things that much more easier for me. 

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